Why buy Deruta at MOD?

We produce a wide variety of Italian ceramic items, ranging from the classic tableware to vases and special items, to true art by the renown artist Romano Ranieri. All of or majolica pieces are hand painted and all pieces, except for the tiles and dinner dishes (which must be stamped to be uniform) are hand thrown, by artist living in Deruta Italy.

  • The Original Deruta Ceramics.

    There is no substitute. Deruta is one of the oldest towns still making majolica in ITALY. We at MOD have perfected our techniques and art over the 30-years-life of the company.  We believe that we produce one of the most artistic quality majolica available on the market. Our majolica has been tested for years and does not easily chip or wear off. Our tableware lasts many lifetimes if properly handled.

  • Authenticity.

    Our genuine article is made entirely in Deruta, Italy.

  • Artwork.

    Celebrate personal style. Reflected in their fashion, home, hobbies, music and more, customers want to promote their signature style and uniqueness. With  many designs from contemporary to the classics to choose from, our breadth of artwork will satisfy virtually any flair or preference. 

  • Functionality.

    Our Tableware can be used daily. It is not only a beautiful art work to look at but can be put to use daily.

  • Quick Turnaround.

    We are working hard to meet the demands of our U.S. customers who require a faster turnaround and a more precise method of tracking their orders.  We can ship now whatever we have in stock within two (2) business days. We ship directly from our factory shipping department located here in Deruta, Italy. We do NOT ship FedEx, no exceptions.

Deruta, Italy

Deruta is a small town placed in the middle of Umbria, famous all over the world for its classical and modern ceramics. Its artistic tradition dates back to Etruscan period, but it is in the Renaissance that Deruta reached its artistic perfection.
The most important museums in Europe and America exhibit precious examples of this ancient art.
Today this artistic tradition goes on in handcrafted factories where able craftsmen create wonderful ceramics. Our factory the "Maioliche Originali Deruta" (Authentic Deruta Majolica) is placed in this background as a middling size firm where ancient patterns are faithfully reproduced according to professionalism and experience.

Quality, creativity, ability are also a characteristic of our modern production: different shapes, original patterns, new techniques of working and a various assortment of styles and decorations. Our thirty-years experience led us to have business relations also with international markets.


Please contact:

Grazzia Ranocchia, Ivan Ranocchia in Deruta Italy, Paolo Nascimbeni in the US ( Rockville MD )