Interior Design

MOD (Maioliche Originali Deruta), a well-established brand on the International Market is synonymous with AUTHENTIC DERUTA MAJOLICA.


This guarantees that every single piece is made entirely by hand in the time-honored Deruta tradition - the most important center for artistic ceramics in Europe for over 700 years. Since every piece is made by hand, You can have Deruta Majolica made in any shape, size and painted in any pattern you desire.


Bathroom Interior Design Our approach to interior design is to work with single tiles in different sizes or tiles put together to make a tile-panel. These tiles are very versatile and are perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, dinning rooms, porches/patios and even your swimming pool. Our purpose is to develop an absolutely new approach toward interior design by using large, hand-painted ceramic tile-panels depicting very artistic subjects with the purpose of building unique settings in your home. For example, in the bathroom a tile panel placed inside the shower-space or above the bath, becomes the main theme of the room. Around this panel the whole setting is built with different accessories such as lamps, mirrors and consoles. Small bathroom accessories such as liquid soap-dispensers, towels-holders and toothbrush cups would be made to match the same style. For living rooms and kitchens, we could match beautiful fireplaces made of terracotta or tile, with stunning tile mirrors as a backsplash. Matching sets of dishes, lamps and cover-switches would tie the room's theme together. These settings stand out for their uniqueness, their high artistic value and their innovative character.

Interor Design Panel


A large variety of different styles are available. You can choose to order our regular-production tiles in traditional patterns such as Ricco Deruta and Raffaellesco. These tiles can be used simply to alternate with simple-plain tiles or choose to have a still-life scene placed in the center of the backsplash with plain colored long tiles framing it. But if you wish to truly distinguish your own style, traditional artistic scenes faithfully taken from works of Raphael, Michelangelo, Caravaggio and others, can make your home's interior special and unique. In fact, among our painters we not only have highly skilled decorators, but also trained artists to help make your home look really special.


Deruta Tiles for interior DesignAny size of tile is available - from our smallest 2 X 2 to 16 X 16. Any size of tableau can be done We recently finished a custom order for a 20 feet by 40 feet scene with nude bathing scene, to adorn a swimming pool. If you only need to put a small frame in your kitchen or bathroom, we also have a rectangular tile whose size can vary from 2 X 4 to 4 X 12. These rectangular frames can be a beautiful finishing touch on your bathroom covering, or as a mirror to be placed over your sink where you can put bath-accessories painted in the same style.