Knobs - Kitchen cabitet knobs, handpainted knobs, ceramic knobs

Knobs - Kitchen cabitet knobs,  drawer knobs

Handpainted knobs

We sell knobs - Below is a set of ceramic knobs in geometric patterns. We also carry fruit based knobs. Knobs come in brown or white background

knobs 1-48_0_0.jpg




Brown background kitchen ceramic knobs


Knobs are all hand painted so each design is slightly different


Above : Cabinet Kobs with fruit design

Description : 
We have 2 types of knobs
Large diameter 4 (1.6 inch) cm height 3 cm (1.2 inch)
Medium diameter 3 cm ( 1.2 inch ) height 2.5 cm ( 1 inch )

The screw is in metric system and is cm 3.5 in length for both sizes

Screws can be however easily changed with longer or shorter
Cost is $10 each Plus shipping ( $30 for the 8 knobs )
Shipping $40 for 20 knobs
$50 for 30 knobs
$60 for 40 knobs
$65 for 50 knobs
$100 for 100 knobs

Background color is either brown ( tan as in the image above )  or white -

Fruit and Flower Knobs


Assorted knobs

Cabinet and Drawer Knobs 

Ceramic Knobs

TO PLACE AN ORDER or ask for inormation : please email info AT this website name.  Thank you

Just email us what you would like to order.  We will give you a quote and a shipping estimate. If you approve we will send you a paypal invoice or we can call you for a credit card number.