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FAQ (Wholesale Ceramics and Pottery)

Authentic Deruta Majolica Wholesale

Q - Who manufactures your products?

A - We (MOD) are the manufacturer. Because we make what we sell (with no middlemen), our prices are extremely competitive.

Q - How long has MOD been in business?

A - MOD has been in business for approximately 30 years.

Q - Who is at MOD?

A - Grazia and Ivan Ranocchia are the owners - Paolo Nascimbeni is our salesman in the US - (We choose to have a salesman in the US instead of one in Italy because most of our customers are located in the US and we needed somebody who could solve issues and give us feedback from that side of the Atlantic) - Agostino is our shipping department, and we have Antonello (and help) at the wheel and several artists 10 to 12 decorating the ceramics

Q - Is your pottery really hand painted or do you apply 'decals' like the Ginori porcelain?

A - We do not use decals:  all of our products are hand-made and hand-painted.  Plates and tiles are molded, fired, then hand-painted.  All other ceramics are turned by hand on a potter's wheel, fired, and hand-painted.

Q - I would like to know your wholesale prices.

A - The best way to find out wholesale prices is by placing a test order for b2b (business to business). We are the manufacturer so wholesale value also depend on the 'ease' of production of the piece in question.  For example, producing several pieces all of the same pattern and shape is cheaper than producing all different pieces in different patterns. Our ideal wholesale order consists of a minimum of 6 pieces per item and is above $2000 retail value.

To know your wholesale price, simply place a normal order. Do not enter your credit card information (please write wholesale in the comment field) but do enter your business telephone number in case we need to contact you.  We will review your order and depending on the size of the order and product selection, we will  send you our business-to-business discount.  You can then proceed with the purchase if desired. 

Q - Who pays Custom fees?

A - You will be responsible for any US Customs or other importation fee.  These fees vary depending on the selected items but is typically about 2% to 6% of the order value.

Q - Are your product food safe?

A - Yes. Our ceramics was approved by the California proposition 65 and FDA for food serving.

Q - How long is the processing time?

A - Because they are usually larger than retail orders, wholesale orders generally take 3 to 5 weeks depending on availability.  After your order is received, we will contact you with a shipping time estimate.

Q - Is shipping expensive?

A - If you buy one dish, shipping can be as much as the product retail value but, if you buy wholesale, the shipping cost will proportionally decrease to approximately 10% or less of the retail value listed on the web site.

Q - How will my order be shipped?

A - We have a professional foam machine and a shipping department. Breakage is very rare, but in any event, all shipments are insured.

Q - Do I need a custom broker?

A - Normally you do not but of course this is an individual business decision.  Except for very large or unusual orders, UPS / DHL will clear the shipment through US Customs for you and the pottery will be delivered right to your door. In any case we can help you find a customs broker.

Q - Is there a return policy for wholesale products?

A - Not unless a special agreement is taken in advance.  We do not offer refunds on wholesale since we need to make the price as competitive as possible.

Q - How do I know the quality?

A - You are allowed to place a sample order of one or 2 items so you can examine the quality. In order to have wholesale prices for just one or 2 items, you would have to clear with our US Contact Paolo by calling him at +39 075 9711576 or emailing.

Q -  Do you have customers in the US who can recommend your company?

A - Yes. We can provide an extensive list but only after we receive and review your credentials.  Provision of customer lists is subject to the approval of the listed customers.

Q - Why are your 'retail' prices so inexpensive ?
A - We are based in Italy and our retail prices have to be aligned with the retail prices of other ceramic manufacturers in Italy. We are aware that the retail prices of this items in the US is much higher. Also retail customers normally pay a much higher per item cost for shipping.

Q - Are there more items besides the ones on the web site?

A - Yes. We have some items and decors that are only for wholesale / business to business. We are compiling a wholesale catalog which will include these additional designs.