Our Production


A large part of our production is also dedicated to pieces for everyday life: sets of dishes, biscotti jars, table accessories like olive oil bottles, large serving trays and bowls, teapots, cereal bowls, cups and saucers, and centre pieces. We also have dog and cats bowls that can be customized.  In addition to our specific lines, we invent new collections and shapes every month: one of our highlights of this year is the selection of placemats which complement our dishes.


They may be fully decorated to match plain colored dishes, or made with contemporary glazes and vivid colors to complement your simple porcelain plates.

Regardless of your tastes and no matter your needs or desires, our ceramics will fit your
lifestyle. We also have a vast selection of ceramic paintings signed by renowned artists. They can be acquired with a view to making an artistic investartists. They can be acquired addition to home or office to making an artistic investment.